Our Story

Our Vision

Parker Arts will be fundamental to the Town’s identity as a vibrant community.

Our Mission

Parker Arts will enhance local economic vitality and quality of life by offering unique gathering spaces and providing access to a wide variety of high-quality performances, exhibits, and educational programs in arts, culture, history, and science.

2023 Community Impact Report

Our Perspectives

We view our organization from four distinct “Perspectives” or points of view and have developed multiple long term strategic objectives for each perspective.

Perspective #1: Patrons, Community Members, & Partners

Views organizational performance from the point of view of our customers and other key stake holders that we serve.

Perspective #2: Organizational Learning and Growth

Views organizational performance through the lenses of human capital and organizational culture.

Perspective #3: Financial Sustainability

Views organizational financial performance and the use of financial resources.

Perspective #4: Internal Effectiveness

Views organizational performance through the lenses of quality and efficiency of our key business processes.

PACE Center exterior at night in Parker, CO.

Our History

April 1992

The Parker Cultural Commission is formed and community events are offered. Initial events include Concerts in the Park and Images of Parker Art Show.

December 1995

The Town of Parker purchases the Mainstreet Center to house cultural and recreation programs and to preserve an important historic building.


Study is conducted on the potential expansion/renovation of the Mainstreet Center into a modern performance facility. The council determines an expansion is not feasible.


Meetings occur between the Town of Parker, Douglas County Libraries and Douglas County School District on possible partnership for a new arts facility. The groups jointly commission a study for the property to the west of Parker’s Town Hall.

March - June 2006

The Town purchases land west of Town Hall in two parcels for the future development of an arts center, library and retail shops.

March 2007

The Parker Cultural Arts Center business plan is prepared for the Town by Webb Management Services.

August 2007

An architectural competition is held by the Cultural Authority. Semple Brown Design and Humprhries Poli Design teams are selected.

July 2008

The Council authorizes proceeding with the design of the arts center project from existing funds and plans for a $21.7 million construction budget through the issuance of certificates of participation.

July 2009

The Council approves the certificate of participation transaction to jointly fund the PACE Center and a new police station in Parker.

April 2010

Groundbreaking takes place for the PACE Center.

October 2011

PACE Center opens!

August 2013

PACE Center upgrades west patio

Fall 2013

Town of Parker's Cultural offerings rebranded as "Parker Arts"

January 2014

Town receives $100,000 grant from State Historic Fund to begin rehabilitation on the Historic Parker Consolidated Schoolhouse in the Mainstreet Center

Fall 2014

Student matinee program at PACE established

February 2015

Town receives $198,045 grant from the State Historical Fund to continue rehabilitation on the Schoolhouse, with a focus on the lower level.

Lobby of The Schoolhouse in Parker, CO.

September 2015

Parker Consolidated Schoolhouse celebrates 100 year anniversary and Mainstreet Center is renamed The Schoolhouse.

August 2016

Town receives $200,000 grant from the State Historical Fund to complete rehabilitation on the Schoolhouse, with a focus on the restoration of the upper level and the renovation of the nonhistoric annex, which contains the theater and dressing rooms.

Fall 2016

Discovery Park opens in downtown Parker, with a splash fountain, ice rink, and performance stage, and monumental art.

Summer 2017

The Free Summer Concert Series moves to Discovery Park.

Crowd in chairs surrounding stage during performance at Discovery Park in Parker, CO.

February 2018

The Schoolhouse reopens to the public.

April 2019

Construction begins to rehabilitate the Schoolhouse rear parking lot and create a small plaza between Ruth Chapel and Schoolhouse.

Light bulb in Lobby at The Schoolhouse in Parker, CO.

Employment Opportunities

Join the Team!

For Cultural Department and all open Town of Parker employment opportunities, please visit the Town of Parker website.
We thank you in advance for being a big part of Parker Arts!


Cultural and Scientific Commission

An advisory and support group for the Town of Parker Cultural Department, the Cultural and Scientific Commission’s mission is to foster, implement and participate in opportunities for cultural and scientific experiences for the Parker community.

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Your Support Matters

Parker Arts relies on the generous financial support of individuals like you to ensure that we can continue to present a variety of exceptional entertainment and quality educational programming.