Become a Volunteer and Support the Arts

By becoming a Parker Arts volunteer, you directly support and enhance the mission of Parker Arts and our ability to provide vital access to arts, culture, history and science programs, as well as educational opportunities for Parker citizens and visitors.

Our goal is that our volunteer program be enriching, fun, exciting, rewarding and a productive use of volunteer time. All volunteer assignments are based on the needs of Parker Arts but may include positions as greeters or ushers during performances, front desk docents, and ambassadors at community events such as the Farmers Market, Discovery Park Summer Concerts, and more. Parker Arts welcomes volunteers of all ages – from high school to seniors!

Why volunteer?

• Provides a sense of belonging.
• Gives us an opportunity to give back to the community.
• Offers a chance to meet like-minded people.
• Is good for your health.
• Makes an impact on others.
• Is FUN!!!

“Volunteering at Parker Arts is being part of a group of people who enjoy and care about culture in their community. It’s a way of feeling like you are contributing to the Town of Parker and receiving the benefits of friendships you make and social activities you choose to participate in.”  – Linda, Parker Arts Volunteer

We can’t do it without you!

• As a group, volunteers log over 10,000 hours every calendar year between the PACE Center, Schoolhouse and Community/Outreach events.
• An individual volunteer’s donated time is approximately $25.00 an hour in monetary value.
• Volunteers provide Parker Arts a savings of more than $250,000 per year.

As our thanks to you …

We love our volunteers, know them all by name, and are continually striving to learn more about them! To do this and to show our gratitude, Parker Art hosts multiple volunteer socials and appreciation events throughout the year. Past events have included soup/pie potlucks, holiday potlucks, trivia nights, fieldtrips to other SCFD venues and more!

“As the Outreach Specialist for Parker Arts, I have taken great pride in creating a volunteer program that has created a sense of belonging for our team.” – Syd Mahnken, Parker Arts Outreach Specialist

If interested, please download and complete a Volunteer Interest Form here (form downloads automatically when link is selected) or at the PACE Center Box Office. Volunteers will also be required to watch our Safety Training Video.

We thank you in advance for being a big part of Parker Arts!