Ivy Bean performance at the PACE Center Mainstage theater in Parker, CO. Ivy Bean performance at the PACE Center Mainstage theater in Parker, CO.

School Group Matinee Guide



  • Shows intended for school groups run for approximately 60 minutes, typically with a 10-minute post-show talkback. Shows that are designated to run 120-minutes, will have a 15-minute intermission with no post-show talk back.
  • Be aware of appropriate grade level for the show indicated in the show description.
  • Shows are performed according to the contracted rights and script and may not be altered by Parker Arts. If you have concerns about the content of the production, please reach out to Parker Arts prior to reserving your school group tickets.
  • Most school group shows have a study guide. Please refer to the School Group Matinee webpage to find study guides.
  • Before you arrive please go over theater etiquette with your students. A good audience is integral to the performance – laughter, tears, applause are all wonderful and appropriate responses to a show, and we want your students to be spontaneous but inappropriate behavior can affect the whole audience and the performers.
  • Please remind students, teachers, and chaperones to silence mobile devices before entering the theater.
  • The taking of photos, video, and recording devices inside the theater are strictly prohibited at all times.


  • Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the show to allow ample time to off-load the bus and be seated in the theater.
  • Drop off and pick up is on Pikes Peak Avenue in front of PACE Center or on Pikes Peak Avenue in the rear of The Schoolhouse. Buses may park in nearby parking lots. Bus drivers are welcome inside our facilities.
  • Please take a head count of all students, teachers, and chaperones on your bus prior to arrival.
  • Prior to entering the building, please line up your students in the order in which they should sit. Chaperones and teachers should be seated among the students.
  • If you will be arriving late, please notify the PACE Center Box Office immediately at 303.805.6800 and provide an approximate time of arrival.
  • Confirm the location, date, and time of your school group reservation. School group shows are held at both the PACE Center’s 500-seat theater (20,000 Pikes Peak Avenue, Parker) and The Schoolhouse’s 200-seat theater (19650 E. Mainstreet, Parker).


  • Final ticket numbers are due 30 days before the show. Minor adjustments can be made up until 24 hours before the show as space allows.
  • Please call the Parker Arts Box Office at 303.805.6800 to make reservation changes. Additional seats are not guaranteed. Every person must have a reserved seat for the performance.
  • Schools will be billed for any additional seats from the number on your order confirmation.
  • Seating is assigned based on the number of students with each group. Please arrange students and chaperones in line prior to seating in the theater to allow for efficient seating. Please let your chaperones know not to reseat students until after the usher leaves the row. This slows down our seating process.


  • Students who have special needs are welcome at Parker Arts and will be accommodated. Please let us know in advance if such students will be requiring specific seating, wheelchair accessible areas, hearing devices, interpreter services, equipment storage, a quite space, etc. during their visit. If you are interested in an interpreted performance, please contact us for availability. Please advise us on how we can best be of assistance.


  • Parker Arts recommends that students use the restroom as a group before entering the theater. If students need to use the restroom after entering the theater, please always assign an adult to accompany students to the restroom. If you wish to take students to the restroom prior to getting on the bus, please move your school group out of the path of school groups entering or exiting the facility.


  • Due to venue limitations at the PACE Center and The Schoolhouse, we are unable to accommodate groups for lunch. We recommend having lunch at the nearby Discovery Park or O’Brien Park, both within walking distance.
  • If you wish to have snack prior to or following your performance, we ask that you eat on the bus, outside, or in the lobby (with permission). Please discard any food or trash.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the theater at any time.
  • Backpacks, water bottles, lunches, etc. are not allowed in the theater. We ask that all unnecessary items be left at school or on the bus. If items cannot be left at school or on the bus, we will allow students to place items in the lobby of the theater at their own risk.


  • Please have students remain in their seats immediately following the show and exit the theater in an orderly fashion under your own direction.
  • Talk backs with the cast may be offered following the show depending on start time and length of show. We strongly encourage groups to stay and participate. This will add approximately 15 minutes to the total run time of the show.