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by Roddy MacInnes

PACE Center Art Gallery

March 16 - April 27
Opening:  April 4, 5:30-7:30 PM

If your house caught fire and you could only bring one photograph when escaping, which one would it be, and why? We seldom think about why we take photographs. The vast majority are taken to preserve positive memories, most often of significant people or life events.

With that in mind, this photography project highlights the intimate association that exists between photography and memory, more specifically, how family photographs function to preserve memories and thus become catalysts to relate life stories. Participants are asked to choose one significant photograph—the one they would bring with them when fleeing a burning building. Selecting one photograph can be challenging, however; a single image produces a more focused response.


Documentation includes making a portrait of each person holding his or her significant photograph and then recording and transcribing the story to accompany the portrait. In the process, common themes existing within the record of familyphotographs emerge. And, regardless of cultural background or ethnicity, the majority of people choose a photograph of someone they love. -Roddy MacInnes, 2019


Letters to Photographs: Community Project


The exhibition, Golden Thread, is complemented by a community photography project, Letters to Photographs. Community participants at the Village at Belmar were invited to identify one family photograph that holds significance to them, and also, correspond with the photograph via a letter.


Students from Denver University, Homestead Elementary, and Legend High School’s honors class worked with Roddy MacInnes to meet, interview, and photograph residents of Village at Belmar assisted living facility. Through this project, students learn more than portraiture techniques; they come away with a deeper understanding of the elderly residents and, in the process, they help residents share their memories through art.

Parker Artists Guild & The Schoolhouse at Mainstreet present...


The Schoolhouse Art Gallery

March 2 - June 1

Ahh, the freshness of spring! Come see our new ideas and our fresh artwork at this fabulous Parker Artists Guild spring show. Over twenty Artists will display their new work. Also, fill out a card to vote for your favorite painting and place it in the box to be entered into a drawing for a $50 coupon, good all year for purchasing art at PAG Schoolhouse art shows.

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