Adult Lectures

The Parker Cultural and Scientific Commission is pleased to sponsor talks on topics that impact Colorado citizens and residents of Douglas County. The intent of these talks is to increase the understanding of how science and technology address current and future issues facing our community.

RSVP Required to Attend - Please call PACE Center Box Office at 303.805.6800 or email All lectures are FREE and open to the public. 

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Thursday, March 3, 6:30 p.m.
Human Viruses and Vaccines: Who wins the race?
Guest Speaker: Dr. Sonia Flores, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver
Location: PACE Center
Viruses are small bags of RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein shell.  They are unique in that, depending on the viewpoint may be classified as both living and nonliving.  Viruses are responsible for many serious, often deadly, diseases including AIDS, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, hepatitis, the flu and chicken pox. How can viruses cause so much trouble? What makes us so vulnerable to them, and what makes them spread? In spite of much research and information we have learned about their structure and function, we have very few drugs capable of killing or eradicating them completely.  Our bodies rely almost exclusively on our own immune defenses to combat their effect. This lecture will focus on the biology of known human viruses and how they have evolved to escape our own defenses.  We will conclude with a discussion of how vaccines trigger an immune response that will recognize the virus as a threat and neutralize it before it can cause disease.

Thursday, April 7, 6:30 p.m.
What Does Your DNA Have To Say?
A general discussion on big data and biology.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Edwards, Asst. Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver
Location: PACE Center
The information contained in the ~6 billion bits of code stored in our DNA can be used to trace ancestry across the planet, to convict someone of murder or to predict the potential for a terminal disease later on in life. The cost of determining this genetic code for the average person has previously been prohibitive, but recent scientific advances have now made it feasible for most U.S. citizens to know their genetic makeup within the next 5-10 years. This lecture will attempt to summarize the current state of genetic analysis and to explain how all this information will completely change the way we do science and medicine in the future.

Dr. Edwards has been active in both genetic research and education for the last 15 years. He maintains his own YouTube channel where he posts lectures and tutorials on this topic.

Check out Dr. Edwards' YouTube Channel!

Thursday, May 5, 6:30 p.m.
Living with Wildlife
Guest Speaker: Mary K. McCormac, Education and Watchable Wildlife Coordinator (Northeast Region)
Location: PACE Center
In our ever-urbanizing world, conflicts between humans and wildlife are increasing due to people and animals growing need to share habitat. Join Colorado Parks and Wildlife for a discussion on how and why human-wildlife conflicts happen, what you can do to minimize potential problems, and how you can help protect not only wild animals, but also people and their pets.

Thursday, July 14, 6:30 p.m.

Healthy Gluten-Free Living

Guest Speaker: Brooke Ebel, Natural Grocers
Location: PACE Center
In this class you will learn what gluten is, how it affects the body and the basics for the healthiest approach to gluten-free living. We will share shopping tips and cooking tips for gluten-free living as well as advice on dieting supplements for nutritional support.
Fee: FREE RSVP at 303.805.3374 or  

Thursday, August 27, 6:30 p.m. 

Feed Your Brain: Nutrition for Concentration and Focus

Guest Speaker: Brook Ebel, Natural Grocers
Is your brain starved for better nutrition? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus? Do you feel irritable or moody for no discernible reason? Are you absent-minded or suffer from periodic brain fog? Or would you simply like to make a healthier snack for your child’s school day? Then this class is for you. Learn the secrets of a better brain through nutrition at any age.
Fee: FREE RSVP at 303.805.3374 or