Adult Lecture Series

The Parker Cultural and Scientific Commission is pleased to present talks on topics that impact Colorado citizens and residents of Douglas County. The intent of these talks is to increase the understanding of how arts, science and technology affect current and future issues facing our community, and provide the opportunity to learn and discuss a variety of trending topics.

Parker Arts Adult Lecture Series is sponsored by Parker Adventist Hospital. Please click here to download the 2017/2018 Adult Lecture flyer.
All lectures take place at PACE Center and are FREE and open to the public. We like to anticipate the number of guests attending, so although an RSVP is not required, it is appreciated. Please RSVP via email, Sign Up Genius, or phone at 303.805.6800.   

2017/2018 Lecture Schedule

September 6 – The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly
October 3 – Rueter-Hess Reservoir
November 1 – Causes and Treatments for Pain – A Panel Discussion
December 6 – Depression – A Panel Discussion
January 24 – From Page to Stage; Theater Talk with PACE
February 7 – Innovations in Police Technology
March 7 – Genetic Counseling
April 4 – The Power of Story
May 9 – Fermentation
Please see full lecture descriptions below.  

From Page to Stage - Theater Talk with PACE

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 6:30 p.m.
Shaun Albrechtson, Parker Arts
Assistant Cultural Director for Programs
Do you enjoy seeing shows at the PACE Center and often wonder how the show comes together? Join us to learn and see for yourself details about how your favorite shows are put together from the ground up. How do they fly actors in the air safely? How do they build all of those incredible sets? What does a scenic charge do? This lecture will take you from page to stage, from concept to creation using the set of The Little Mermaid as a full size model for the lecture.

Innovations in Police Technology

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 6:30 p.m.
 Chris Peters, Commander, Parker Police Department, and
Josh Hans, Public Relations/PIO, Parker Police Department
The Parker Police Department makes providing its officers with the latest and best technology a priority. Through the use of advanced training tools like the Ti Training Use of Force Simulator, officers can be better prepared when they face crisis situations. Our body worn camera program has earned national praise and furthers our commitment to transparency while serving the community. Learn about these new technologies and many more as crime fighting becomes more high-tech. In addition, the proliferation of social media in our society has created many opportunities for law enforcement that never existed. The ability to communicate directly with residents has enhanced the police department’s ability to get out important public safety messages, community outreach efforts and ongoing events and classes.

Genetic Counseling (Lecture)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 6:30 p.m.
Melissa Gilstrap, MS, CGC Genetic Services Coordinator, Parker Adventist Hospital
Genetics is a topic in the media and conversation more and more these days but few people know what types of genetic tests may be indicated for them or how to evaluate the quality of various tests.  Parker Adventist Hospital’s Genetic Counselor, Melissa Gilstrap, MS, CGC, will provide information about the importance of family health history, how to collect and document that history, and then how to use that information to personalize the healthcare and genetic testing you receive.  She will also discuss genetic counseling and the various genetic tests commonly available in a clinical setting and online. 

The Power of Story

Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 6:30 p.m.
Nanette Fimian Randall, Memoirs by Design
Everyone is a storyteller and the best tales come from real life experiences, learned lessons, and family history. Stories connect us. They are a lasting link between past, present, and future. When voices go silent because of illness, disease, or death, the stories are gone forever. An oral history or a life memoir keeps the stories alive. If you know someone who would benefit by telling their story or if you have a loved one in need of direction, join us for this unique presentation. Program topics include becoming a storyteller; sharing memories and making them last; remembering our special storytellers; and learning that life has something to teach us still. Find out more about what you can do to capture your own.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 6:30 p.m. (Note, date change to May 9.)
Dr. Andrew C. Hawkins, PhD., Director of Fermentation, Facilities, and IT at GEVO, Inc.
Fermentation is a part of our daily lives, whether we know it or not.  Microbes that do fermentation make really useful stuff, like yoghurt, whisky, medicine, and renewable fuels.  Humans have used fermentation as a tool to clean up undrinkable water, ease suffering, make tasty meats and cheeses, and generally to have a good time.  Even before humans understood what fermentation really was, and even what microbes were, we still made good stuff with it!  Come hear Dr. Andrew Hawkins, a PhD trained Microbiologist, teach you about all the good stuff fermentation can do as well as how microbes help us live a happier, healthier, and fuller life.

NATURAL GROCERS – FREE Lectures with Brook Ebel, MNT

Please RSVP via email, Sign Up Genius, or phone at 303.805.6800.   

Purely Paleo - The Science Behind the Paleo Diet

There's a science to going Paleo - literally!  No matter where you are on the spectrum of health and wellness, the Paleo Diet can give you the ancestral "tools" you need to help you reach your goals.  Explore the pure science behind the Paleo Diet and discover why what's old is new again - and just so happens to empower health along the way.
Instructor:  Brooke Ebel, MNT
Sa, Mar. 3, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.