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Contemporary Fauvists

PACE Center Art Gallery
July 15 - September 5, 2016
Wild Beasts or Contemporary Colorists?
Would these 4 artists be considered “wild beasts” if they showed their work in 1905 or would they be celebrated as contemporary artists for their passion of color? Art enthusiasts may decide for themselves. You wont want to miss this color-drenched and expressive art show! “Contemporary Fauvists”, a 4-person art show featuring Peggi Kroll Roberts, Madeleine O’Connell, Jeannie Paty, and Scott Switzer is on display at the Parker Arts & Cultural Center Gallery (PACE Center) with an opening artist reception Friday, August 5th from 6-8 pm.

To offer a brief synopsis from art history, fauvism is a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and nonnaturalistic use of color that flourished in Paris from 1905 and, although short-lived, had an important influence on subsequent artists, especially the German expressionists. Matisse was regarded as the movement's leading figure. The Fauves painted directly from nature, as the Impressionists had before them, but Fauvist works were invested with a strong expressive reaction to the subjects portrayed. First formally exhibited in Paris in 1905, Fauvist paintings shocked visitors to the annual Salon d’Automne; one of these visitors was the critic Louis Vauxcelles, who, because of the violence of their works, dubbed the painters
fauves (“wild beasts”).

For the love of color, these passionate artists come together from various states to share their unique artistic vision. Peggi Kroll Roberts is from California, Scott Switzer is from a Nez Perce Reservation in Idaho, and
Madeleine O’Connell & Jeannie Paty are both local Coloradans.

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  July 23 - September 9

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