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Fiber Arts Exhibit

PACE Center Art Gallery

May 3 – June 25, 2018
Artist Reception on May 3 |  5:30 - 7:00 PM

One of my favorite kinds of exhibitions to host at the PACE Center is fiber. Primarily, I love the way these artists use a traditional medium to make me see and consider the world differently—a dress made of tea bags? a tree with scaly fungus constructed out of fabric? a shirt made of plastic?—wow, the imagination runs wild! And then there’s the materials used. So often audiences see work in spaces like ours that is either painted or drawn or sculpted out of traditional materials. We treat these works the way we’ve been taught: stand back, lean in, squint, step back, don’t touch, move on. With objects in our life made of fabric like, say a quilt, bedspread or comforter, you shake it out, throw it across a bed, think of its functionality if you give it that much thought at all, shove it in the wash, hang it out to dry, toss it on the bed, repeat. So, the joy of a fiber art show lies in the surprises sparked by a new way of seeing something we are surrounded by and take for granted.

This show is even more interesting, I think, because of the theme, Contrast, which has compelled artists to dig a little deeper in search of ideas that either reflect an external condition or turn towards something tugging at them internally. Theme combined with the highest level of craftsmanship shines a light on the depth of creativity found in our community of fiber artists.

I hope you take the time to look—really look—at these works. Enjoy the surprise and embrace the chance to see the familiar in a new way.

- Rose Fredrick, curator
PACE Center

To purchase a catalog from this exhibit, click here.