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PACE Center Art Gallery
January 12 - February 27, 2017
Opening Reception February 17th 6-8pm

five artists  |  one curator  |  seven elements  |  one year
ELEMENTAL began in early 2015 with a proposal sparked by a luncheon conversation between two of the exhibition members, and later introduced to the artists included in the exhibition. This query seemed poignant to us as educators and students of art, and touches on a question often heard in art classrooms: how conscious is the artist of their use of the Elements of Design when composing an artwork? Is it initially a mindful decision, and later intuitive? Can we be better artists and scholars if we go back to the very basics we emphasize in our classrooms and explore these ideas with a new approach? So over the course of the year, five artists (and one art historian) began the process of deconstructing, or unpacking, if you will, their typical work to focus on the basics of design as a way to reacquaint ourselves with the ways that the Elements of Design operate in a work of visual art. In the course of a year, each artist completed a total of seven works, one for each traditional Element of Design, while also completing a work that would represent their typical process, where most of the elements would typically be present as an overall work. The traditional Elements of Design included are Line, Shape/Form, Color, Space, Texture, and Time. We added an exciting element not usually outlined in course textbooks, Gravity, as an additional challenge to the artists. This addition brings the artistic discussion into the 21st century in a fascinating way, and will be discussed in detail later in the catalog. Our vision for the exhibition was not only to challenge ourselves creatively, to re-think and re-imagine the roles that the Elements of Design contribute to our creations, but to also present a body of work that is interesting and edifying, to be utilized by other educators, students, and the general public to explore the Elements of Design. For each work, the artists have contributed a brief written description for the catalog. In addition, we established a website that presents audio descriptions and artist videos detailing their processes. As you view the exhibition, you can access the website using the provided QR codes on your phone, or visit The ELEMENTAL team is made up of five educators and one student of the visual arts. Daniel Augenstein, a former K-12 art educator and current instructor of painting and drawing at Aims Community College, proposed the collaboration. He is fluent in many media, though most of the work presented here represents his skills in painting. Zach “Slive” Keiss is currently a Graphic Design student at the Art Institute of Colorado, and is also known for his graffiti writing and mural projects in Northern Colorado. Travis Krause teaches art at the Greeley West High School, and has presented primarily ceramic sculpture, though he is also an artist of many media. Colleen Martin is an instructor of Graphic Design at Aims Community College, who specializes in digital collages and welded sculpture. Stephanie Newton is an art historian and museologist who teaches art history and art appreciation courses at Aims Community College. Berndt Savig is also an instructor of art at Red Rocks Community College in addition to over 30 years as a professional painter and sculptor.

  - Stephanie Newton



The Schoolhouse Art Gallery
Now - March 17, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 23rd 6:30-8:00 PM

The simplicity of black and white hues have fascinated artists since the beginning of time. In this show, we will explore these dynamic opposites, as well as the wide range of grays in between them. The elements of line, shape, form, value, contrast and texture are all expressed well using these neutral colors, and our artists will be executing this task using their favorite medium.