Doktor Kaboom: It's Just Rocket Science

Doktor Kaboom: It’s Just Rocket Science – VIRTUAL SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT

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February - April 2021

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Grades 3 - 8

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$150 for access to virtual engagement

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Doktor Kaboom: It's Just Rocket Science - VIRTUAL SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT

This student art engagement features three videos in which the Good Doktor explores newton’s Laws of Motion. Referred to as “part Mr. Wizard and part Mr. Rogers,” Doktor Kaboom uses the excitement of rocketry to present Newton’s Laws of Motion. Each of Newton’s 3 laws are clearly explained, comically explored in multiple over-the-top demonstrations, and followed by a DIY project that students can do as a class, in groups, or individually. 3 Laws, 3 lessons, 3 projects! Doktor Kaboom intersperses the lessons with discussions on safety and personal empowerment to bring home the point that “science is for everyone, not just the person who wins the science fair every year.” This Arts Engagement ties directly to new science standards, includes printable materials for worksheets, discussions, and multiple student demos for each section. This is the perfect program for introducing or reviewing the physics of motion.

Grades: 3-8

Show: 32 minutes; three videos exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion

Fee: $150 per school (payable to Parker Arts)

Available: February 8 – May 9 2021

Contact Parker Arts to request your virtual order or click the button to “find tickets” and make your purchase online. A link and access password will be included in your email purchase confirmation from Parker Arts. Note to purchase tickets, you will be asked for a specific date due to our ticketing system, however you may use the link at any time between February 8 – May 9, 2021. This means that every teacher in your school may use this link at any time from now until May 9.

Curriculum Connections: Science: Newton’s Laws of Motion, Practicing Safe Science; Theatre: Character Acting, Comedy; Social Emotional

Download the following materials:
Study Guide
Science Glossary
Lesson Plan
Rocket Science Overview
Newton’s Second Law Practice Problems

A link and access password will be included in your email purchase confirmation from Parker Arts.

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