Art Exhibit: Feeling Nature. Ink Paintings on Rice Paper

Exhibit Dates:

December 14 - January 28

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Open to the Public

Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am until 4:00 p.m.

The Schoolhouse Art Gallery
19650 Mainstreet
Parker, CO 80138

Art Exhibit

Feeling Nature. Ink Paintings on Rice Paper

Enjoy subtle, elegant expressions of nature done exclusively on rice paper by Parker Arts Artist in Residence Carm Fogt.

Artist Mission:

I seek to help like minded people find a place where they can escape from the chaotic outside world.
I’m passionate about connecting to a serene scene and finding honesty in those spontaneous yet deliberate brush strokes.
My purpose is to create a place for those seeking serenity.
My brand, which offers a jumping off point, is built on the foundation of my desire to find order and serenity in the honesty of a well executed brush stroke.


Carm Fogt was initially drawn to Asian art and design during an eclectic art class and so pursued Chinese Brush Painting with various teachers in Southern California. Though decidedly an abstract painter, Fogt incorporates Chinese calligraphy as a way to bring the essence of Asian elegance to her work.

For more than 25 years, Fogt has studied with Chinese master artists and calligraphers in both China and the US, and was honored to study at the International College of the China Academy of Art, in Hangzhou, in 2006.

She works exclusively on rice paper using Chinese ink and watercolors, along with various other media. Her work can be found at the Cherry Creek Art Gallery, Inchiostro, her studio and gallery in Parker and her website

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