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Student & Teacher Workshops

Parker Arts can provide a variety of in-school workshops and off-site master classes for both student and teacher groups that include but are not limited to: visual arts, performing arts, science, robotics, STEAM, effective classroom tactics, as well as special residencies provided by national touring performers.  To inquire, please contact Parker Arts Education at 303.805.3374 or via email. For information regarding for grant funded workshops please visit SCC. Please see current Parker Arts opportunities below.


History Colorado Ute Kit

Parker Arts has partnered with History Colorado to offer educators a Ute Knowledge Education Kit which combines STEM curriculum with the Colorado Department of Education’s Nuu-ciu Strong Curriculum as a resource for local educators. The Ute Knowledge Education Kit provides a connection between Ute Traditional Knowledge and today’s STEM. The kit includes a large map of Colorado, featuring natural features and Ute homelands, as well as activities on shelter engineering, plant science, math for beadwork and travel, technology for basketry and clothing. There is a matching activity for each that includes photos, clues and objects as well as a challenge activity that allows learners to further explore each topic. This program is a perfect bridge between history, math, and science. Written materials in the kit are in English and Spanish, and link to additional online videos and resources.

Ute Kit Rental
Teachers may rent the Ute Kit for one day for $30 or one week for $50. The Ute Kit includes lessons for a one-hour intensive lesson as well as a five day, 45-miniute exploration series of lessons. The Ute Kit comes with both a virtual and hard copy of the Educator’s Manual and CDE’s Nuu-ciu Strong Curriculum. Along with the virtual teacher training, teachers will also have access to a selection of curated videos for use in the classroom. Each video pairs to the activities found within the kits and ties them to contemporary Ute voices. These are optional additions for use when time and presentation location allow.
Location: In-School
Fee: $50 (five days including pick up and drop off)
Fee: $30 (3 days including pick up and drop off)
Grades: 4-5
One class maximum (Approximately 30 students)
Curriculum connection: History, Culture, Environmental Science, and Social Science
Ute Kit Rental and Reporting Form

Please contact Carissa Kepner at 303.805.3374 or at for more information.


Currently, there are no free teacher workshops scheduled at PACE Center. However, teachers are encouraged to inquire for in-school residencies and/or teacher workshops.


Currently there are no residencies scheduled as part of the Parker Arts 2022/2023 presenting season.

Parker Arts works with national touring performers to offer residencies and workshops to the community as part of their visit to Parker, Colorado. Residencies may include dance, theater, music, or visual arts, just to name a few.