Support the local arts community!

When you “Save a Seat” you are ensuring the future success of local artists and keeping the arts alive in Parker.

Imagine a world without the arts. No music or dance. No songs, stories or poetry. No paintings or photography. No puppets, plays or symphonies. A world without the arts is unimaginable.

To overcome the losses and impacts of COVID-19 and help support local artists and entertainers in 2021, we need your help. Parker Arts is seeking a $100 donation for each of the PACE Center’s 534 theater seats. That’s right – our initial goal is to raise at least $53,400 (or more!) to help ensure the future of arts and culture right here in Parker.

“Saving a seat” allows Parker Arts to continue to innovate, learn and bring new ideas forward. Your support today means Parker Arts will remain an outlet for creativity and connection in our community in 2021 and beyond.

As a “thank you” and a symbol of the joy and celebration experienced through the arts, each donor will receive a unique holiday ornament hand painted by a local artist. Ent Credit Union is generously sponsoring this initiative by providing materials and a donation to the Parker Artist Guild for every ornament painted. Each $100 donation is also 100% tax deductible.

Your support matters now more than ever. On behalf of all of us at Parker Arts, thank you for your continued commitment and generosity and for loving the arts as much as we do.

Look for the “Save a Seat Fundraiser” option under on our Donate page to make your contribution.

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