Alternative Facts:
Fred Silverman

Fred Silverman

Alternative Facts: Photography by Any Means
Artist Statement, 2021

I took a series of photos on my block during the Covid lock-down and called the series “Still Life at Home.” Twelve households responded to an email inviting them to take part – consisting of single people, couples, and families with children. My idea was to depict how people on both sides of the windows have connected to the street and each other during the pandemic: waving to neighbors, shouting out greetings, seeing people pass by, and adapting in our own ways to our limited social interactions. I was taken by how content the people seemed when I took these photos. Perhaps just this moment of human contact brought some joy to their day, especially since the photos were taken at dusk, at the end of another day when the isolation often hits home. But there is still life there

On display March 1 – April 12, 2021 at the PACE Center Art Gallery:

Photograph by Fred Silverman

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