Alternative Facts:
Anne Jeffery

Anne Jeffery

Alternative Facts: Photography by Any Means
Artist Statement, 2021

My work combines traditional photography with digital interpretation. I photograph the diminutive landscapes of the natural world—seeds, flowers, leaves, branches, grasses, and the birds, bugs, and butterflies that dwell within these landscapes. My hyper-collages merge these elements with photographs of clouds, streams, waterfalls, bubbles, and splashes of color. I immerse myself in the digital process of intertwining these multiple elements until a final composition arises. The result might be moody or whimsical, delicate or splashy, or pensive and muted depending on where the images take me. Final images may have up to 100 individual layers.

On display March 1 – April 12, 2021 at the PACE Center Art Gallery:

Photography by Anne Jeffery

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