Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival


Student Participation

Shakes Tshirt

Thank you for participating in Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival!

Student Responsibilities

  • Form a group to perform a two to five minute scene from one of William Shakespeare’s works. A group may also be a one to three minute soliloquy performed by one student.
  • Sign up for auditions with school coordinator.
  • Create costumes.    
  • Rehearse scene.    
  • Complete Performance Evaluation Form and Rubric and attach script to be performed. Make copies and present to judges at auditions and each of the two performances at the festival. (Four copies total.)   
  • Register here by Feb. 28.
  • Purchase T-Shirts to defray the cost of the festival during online registration process.
  • Purchase Subway lunch during online registration process. 


Please refer to the Participation Guidelines to begin coordinating student groups. 


Please review the Performance Evaluation Form and Rubric to understand judging criteria.

Costumes and Props

Costumes may be “period,” similar to those of Shakespeare’s time, or other historical time period, or conceptual, as long as they are cohesive, appropriate and enhance performance. Costumes may be simple and need not be rented or expensive. Creative Interpretations are allowed, i.e. Romeo and Juliet set in the 1950s or Macbeth in Star Wars garb, as long as the concept is consistent, cohesive, and enhances the performance. All student props should fit within a 12 gallon tub (22”x15”x12”).


Students should stay on campus for lunch. Students may bring a sack lunch or preorder a Subway sandwich during the online registration process. Snacks, chips, and drinks are available for purchase from PACE Center Concessions.

Be a Busker

Have you ever wanted to be a street performer? Well, here’s your chance! Parker Arts is auditioning voluntary Buskers to perform at the Festival. Buskers will perform at various locations throughout the PACE Center for two 15-minute periods between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Students may perform in a Shakespeare Festival group in addition to being a Busker. Busker Auditions will be held on Monday, Feb. 25 at 6:00 p.m. at the PACE Center. Please prepare a 30 second to one minute sample of your talent for the audition and provide a completed Busker Audition Form upon arrival. 

Be a Volunteer or Stage Manager

Students may participate in the Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival as an event volunteer or stage manager. All event staff will receive a 2019 Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival T-Shirt and lunch. Please contact Festival Coordinator Carmella Gates at 720.272.5317 or email to inquiry for availability. 

Student Registration
Participation Guidelines
Performer Evaluation Form
Busker Audition Form