What was included in the restoration of the Schoolhouse and how much did it cost?

The historic Schoolhouse building was fully restored to its original 1915 floor plan and finishes. The non-historic annex, which was added in 1978 by Parker United Methodist Church, was renovated to improve its function as a theater, including new seats, new bathrooms, and an open lobby with full concessions. The combined construction cost was $3 million. To offset the Town’s cost, over $500,000 in grants were received from the Colorado State Historic Fund, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA). The construction and operations are being funded out of current revenues with no tax increase.

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1. What is the Cultural Department’s total operating expense budget for 2018?
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4. Now that the Schoolhouse has been restored, what happens there?
5. What was included in the restoration of the Schoolhouse and how much did it cost?
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