Now that the Schoolhouse has been restored, what happens there?

The Schoolhouse complex (formerly known as the Mainstreet Center) includes three distinct spaces: the 100-year-old school building with an event room, meeting rooms, and a dance studio; a non-historic annex with a 200-seat theater, art gallery and heritage center; and the Ruth Memorial Chapel, the Town’s oldest church building. The Schoolhouse complex hosts community arts events and classes including theater, dance, music and visual arts. The theater lobby includes a full concession area, an art gallery curated by Parker Artist Guild, and a heritage center managed by the Parker Area Historical Society. All of the spaces are available for rental by individuals, community and business groups for all types of functions such as weddings, small conferences, fundraisers, banquets and business meetings.

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1. Now that the Schoolhouse has been restored, what happens there?
2. What was included in the restoration of the Schoolhouse and how much did it cost?
3. What can I and can't I bring to the Free concerts at Discovery Park?
4. Are classes/shows cancelled due to inclement weather?
5. When did the PACE Center open?
6. What happens at the PACE Center?
7. How do I donate to Parker Arts?
8. How do I buy tickets?
9. How do I get involved?
10. What does PACE stand for?
11. Can my organization use the PACE Center and The Schoolhouse?
12. How do I get a job at the PACE Center?
13. How do I register for a class or program?