Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival

2017 Shakespeare Festival - Parker, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot locate the answer to your questions within the Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival Packet, you may find the answers below. We encourage you to contact Festival Coordinator Carmella Gates with specific questions at or 720.272.5317. 
Where can I obtain copies of Shakespeare’s plays?
All of Shakespeare’s works are in public domain, meaning they are not under copyright and can be used and copied at no cost. The complete collection of plays can be found online at or
What is meant by “Shakespearean English?”
Shakespearean English means Shakespeare’s exact written words, with no adaptations or paraphrasing. Shakespeare’s original scripts must be used, not adaptations such as No Fear Shakespeare or other interpretations of his works.

Should the actors use English accents?
Please do not attempt English accents. American’s performing Shakespeare do not use English accents. Also, young people have difficulty maintaining accents throughout a performance, and mistakes might affect performance scores.

Where can I obtain costumes?
Please do not rent costumes. Costumes do not need to be elaborate or expensive. Many schools have a costume room with appropriate items or ones that are easily adapted. Thrift stores also have useful items. For example, if the performance takes place in the Shakespearean period, a simple long gown or skirt might be appropriate, or leggings and a large pullover with a belt. Creative costuming that fits the time period and/or concept is all that is required.

How much should the students do in planning performances?
Performances should be as student-directed as possible. Obviously student involvement will vary from school to school, depending on student experience and skills. Middle school students may need more assistance with choosing scenes, rehearsing, costuming, etc., while high school students involved in theatre and literature courses may be able to do all of the planning and coordination with minimal assistance from the School Coordinator. It is up to the School Coordinator to determine what is needed, involving students in these activities as much as possible. However, the School Coordinator must schedule auditions. 

Is it appropriate for students to see the evaluation rubric?
Absolutely! Definitely review the rubric with the students. It is important they know how and on what they will be evaluated.

May a student be in a performance and also a busker?
Yes, it is possible to do both, as long as selected buskers notify the Festival Coordinator that they will also be performing, so that both activities may be scheduled without conflicts.

May a student perform in more than one group?
Yes, but please be aware that there is only 10 minutes for school groups to move from one of their group performances to the next staging area and their next group performance. Additionally, there is no location for costume changes. A student who is performing in more than one group should not audition to be a busker since the potential for schedule conflicts is too high.

Will groups/soliloquies perform the same scene twice at the festival?
Yes. Groups/soliloquies will perform the same scene twice during the festival. Each performance will be evaluated and tallied for a total score.
Who is invited to attend the festival?
Parents, friends, school representatives, or anyone interested in Shakespeare or theater should attend. All guests may be audience members to any of the stages or festival events at no cost.

Will there be a place to store belongings (lunches, jackets, props, etc.)?
No. PACE Center cannot accommodate safe storage of personal belongings. Student performers must carry belongings. All group props must fit within a 12 gallon tub.