Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival


School Coordinator Resources

Thank you for your commitment to coordinate your students in the 2018 Parker Arts Shakespeare Festival! 

School Coordinator Responsibilities 

  • Oversees the selection of groups, scenes to be performed, rehearsals, and costuming. These activities should be student-directed as much as possible, depending on student experience and skill level.
  • Schedules one audition date, time and location for all their schools auditioning groups.
  • Conducts in-school communication, parent communication and permission forms.
  • Provides overall supervision and coordination of the school’s participating groups at the festival. Additional chaperones are encouraged.
  • Encourages T-Shirt orders to help defray the costs of the festival. School Coordinators are asked to provide students a T-Shirt and Lunch pre-order form, and collect forms and payment prior to festival.


Please refer to the Participation Guidelines to begin coordinating student groups.

Group Judging

Review and share the Evaluation Form and Rubric with your students. Meet the 2018 Shakespeare Festival Judges. (Coming Soon!)


Please contact DCSD Transportation Department at 303.387.0415 or to arrange for Extended Day Buses (9:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.). Note, charter schools may not have access to buses until 9:30 a.m. and are encouraged to notify Shakespeare Festival Coordinator of arrival time for performance scheduling.


Please contact Shakespeare Festival Coordinator Carmella Gates at 720.272.5317 to schedule in-school auditions in March. Download Audition Poster.

Participation Guidelines
Evaluation Form
Audition Poster