Teacher Resources & Workshops

Currently, there are no free teacher workshops scheduled at PACE Center. However, teachers are encouraged to inquire for in-school residencies and/or teacher workshops. Parker Arts can provide a variety of lesson plans for both student and teacher groups that include but, are not limited to: visual arts, performing arts, science, robotics, dance, effective classroom tactics, as well as special residencies provided by national touring performers. To inquiry please contact Education Manager Kirstin Fletcher at kfletcher@parkeronline.org. To participate in free teacher workshops, please RSVP to PACEedu@parkeronline.org or call 303.805.3374.

Free Teacher Workshops

(Scheduled upon request.) 

Building Your Classroom Community 

How do you engage and motivate your K - 8 grade kids each and every day? How do you arouse their curiosity for the next hour of science, history, or class project? We teachers know that there are three facets of an effective classroom environment: 1) the physical environment, 2) the emotional environment, and 3) the academic environment. Each facet must be intentionally designed and maintained throughout the school year. To establish a positive classroom climate, safe emotional environment, and to begin building community immediately requires deliberate planning and numerous strategies. Taught by John Paul, long-time teacher of children and teacher of teachers. Download flyer.

Robotics Team Building

If you are a STEM school or looking for great STEM/STEAM opportunities for your students, this is for you. This all-day session will give you the tools and information needed to lead a robotics team that can represent your school at the next Parker Rover Rally! Up to three workshop participants, including teachers and parent volunteers, are allowed for one admission. Your Parker Rover Rally Vehicle Kit is included in the workshop fee. Ask your PTO for support and start a robotics team at your school today!
$200 (8 hours) + $250 Vehicle Kit to Instructor = $450 

April 2016 Vista Peak Exploratory Student Evaluation:
"The best thing I learned is how to program a robotic car. It was very interesting and fun! I now know what I want to do in college."   

Scientific and Cultural Collaborative 

SCFD Educator's Night

Teachers are invited to the SCFD Educator's Night on Monday, September 25 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. More than eighty organizations will gather to bring you marvelous performances and activities. Educators can experience the rich opportunities SCFD organizations, such as Parker Arts, can offer you and your students. Reservations are required at www.dmns.org/scfdednight. Download the SCFD Educator's Night here.

2017-2018 SCC Directory

The Scientific & Cultural Collaborative (SCC) is a 501(c)(3) membership service organization comprised of cultural organizations funded by the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District. The SCC makes it easy for teachers to incorporate creative programming in their classroom. Click here for the 2017 - 2018 SCC Directory of Educational Activities for Teachers and Schools.